New Haven Nachos

It’s that time of year again. From Spring Fling snacks to the ideal treat on Cinco de Mayo, there’s one dish that’s been on our mind as classes are coming to an end and Reading Week begins: nachos. The more we thought about it, we realized New Haven is a hotbed of nachos. Whether you’re all about the gooey cheese, the exotic toppings, or perfect mix of spices and flavors, we have navigated New Haven’s nacho scene for you- and I think you’ll like what we’ve got.



Nachos with chimayo pork, $11

Food coma aside, these nachos were my favorite. They were covered in delicious cheese (not sure what kind they used but it was oh so tasty) and the chimayo pork was spicy and tender. They have chile nachos as well- three different kinds.  They close at midnight on weekends, so be sure to make it there early.

Geronimo's nachos with chimayo pork

Geronimo’s nachos with chimayo pork



Nachos with chicken, $12

This isn’t even on their menu, but it should be. Easily some of the best nachos  we sampled, with enough cheese in every bite and a heaping portion of chicken. It had a slightly spicy chile seasoning that made the chicken extra flavorful, and the avocado on top was a perfect touch. Oaxaca is always open late, so hopefully you can convince them to make these for you after dinner hours.


Oaxaca chicken nachos


Box 63:

Baja Nachos with chicken, $12

I wanted to love these more, but they were just too dry. I appreciated the fresh white meat chicken breast, but it was too bland and dry for nachos that were already lacking in the cheese department. Kitchen closes at midnight, so if it’s way past then head next door to Tomatillo

Box 63

More cheese plz


nachos supreme with chicken, $8

For only $8, these were the best deal. If you like Tomatillo burritos you’ll like these, since it’s all the same stuff they’re putting on top. They layer the cheese over the nachos which is a plus, so you don’t end up with dry tortilla chips at the bottom. They’re open til 3 am Thursday-Saturday, so they’re always there for you.



Ezra was feeling particularly artistic

© Ezra, who is very proud of this contribution

Amigo’s (El Amigo Felix): 

El Amigo Nachos with chicken and beef, $10

On a scale of Vivas to Geronimo’s, these fall somewhere in the middle. The beef (taco beef) was too greasy to be sitting on a pile of chips, but the chicken was better (albeit a bit dry). If you’re looking for an atmosphere similar to Viva’s with better nachos, this is the place to go.

Nachos with chicken and beef

Nachos with chicken and beef

Mory’s Temple Bar:

Bar Nachos, $10

These were almost as good as Geronimo’s and Oaxaca, with great guacamole and scallions that added a nice texture. They need to incorporate more toppings into the bottom layers to make it as good as the others, but the cheesy ones on top hit the spot. They’re open until midnight on weekends and are conveniently located on York St.



Viva Zapata: 

Nachos with cheese and beans, $8

If you like loads of cheese on your nachos, Viva’s nachos are right up your alley. The beans on the side are a nice topping to the otherwise  plain nachos. We’ve tried their chicken nachos too, but we think the classic cheese is where Viva’s delivers. They’re not the best New Haven has to offer, but we still love ’em… probably has more to do with Viva’s than the nachos themselves.



It seems like everywhere you turn in Downtown New Haven, nachos are right around the corner. Luckily they’re all open until midnight or later, and for $8-$12 you can find decent-to-amazing nachos to share with your friends when you’re out and about. So when your nacho craving inevitably comes around during Reading Week, you’ll know exactly where to satisfy it.

One thought on “New Haven Nachos

  1. Also check out Mezcal on Upper State St…. their pulled pork nachos are my reigning favorite in New Haven, hands down!

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