Welcome Back! New in New Haven

Welcome back! This summer saw the opening of many new businesses in downtown New Haven around Yale’s campus. While we haven’t tried them all yet, we want to introduce you to what’s changed since most of us left in May. This way, when you’re craving some bubble tea, bacon cheddar sliders, or gourmet chinese food during Camp Yale, you’ll know where to turn. And, since the dining halls aren’t open yet, you have every excuse to find your favorite new spots to come back to during the year.

go greenly:

Another froyo place has opened its doors in New Haven, this time on Whitney Ave (near TD) next to Subway. Like its competitors on High and York St, they offer self-serve froyo (12 flavors) with a wide array of toppings to choose from. Unlike the competition, they have an extensive menu of bubble tea for as low as $2.75. They also have a yogurt smoothie menu with non-dairy options, so nobody gets left out. TDers, get excited for your new neighbor!

Open M-F 11-10, S-Sun 12-10




Wings Over New Haven:

The popular “Wings Over” franchise has landed in New Haven, bringing lunch/dinner/late-night food for pick-up and delivery.  With offerings similar to those at s’wings, Wings Over New Haven operates in the growing Whitney Ave, sharing a block with go greenly and TDheav.

Open everyday 11am-11pm & until 2 am Fr/Sat


Chao Chao:

Yet another new restaurant on Whitney Ave that opened this summer, Chao Chao features a wine bar and pan-Asian cuisine and specializes in Taiwanese dishes and dim sum. Everything is made from scratch, and the dishes sound like they’ll be a nice exotic addition to the New Haven food scene – see: lion’s head casserole and threecup chicken. For anyone looking to go out to to eat during the dining plan-less Camp Yale days, Chao Chao is the perfect new spot to try.

IMG_7059 IMG_7052 IMG_7054

Lunch Box 23:

A popular new destination for food-truck fans, Lunch Box 23 — no relation to Box 63 — dishes out $3 gourmet sliders from a menu that changes daily.  So far, we’ve tried the roast duck , salmon burger, and bacon cheddar BBQ sliders. Each was carefully crafted with homemade sauces and garnishes that paired perfectly.  Hopefully they stick around and join the parade of food trucks that stops all over campus during the year.. it’s one of our favorites! Judging from their recent Facebook posts, we should be seeing much more of Lunch Box 23 around campus.

photo 1

photo 3

bacon cheddar BBQ slider

bacon cheddar BBQ slider

salmon burger slider, my personal favorite

salmon burger slider, my personal favorite

Panera: The well-known chain opened its doors in June on Chapel St. next to Starbucks. The new space is comfortable, spacious, and has free wifi. Plus soup served in huge bread bowls. What more could you want?

Open everyday from 6am-10pm (closes at 9pm on Sundays)


Taste of China: Further down on Chapel, Taste of China brings upscale Szechuan cuisine to New Haven, adding a second location to their popular restaurant in Clinton, CT. Appetizers are about $10 and entrees $20, but given portion sizes everything could easily be shared. Great service and food with a nicer ambiance than other Chinese restaurants in the area. Here’s what we tried, starting from the top right:

House special fried rice: A flavorful mixture of mushrooms, eggs, and chives, not greasy or heavy and could have fed three people.

Pan fried pork dumplings: This wasn’t on the menu, but they were happy to make it for us when we asked and we’re so glad they did. The dough was thick and less greasy than any pork dumpling I’ve had, and the pork filling was tender.

Boneless spare ribs: Thick pieces of pork that were slightly fatty covered in a delicious sauce that wasn’t grossly sweet like it often is at other places. A good appetizer since it wasn’t as heavy as you’d expect from spare ribs.

Sweet shredded pork: A heartier dish, the pork was excellent and bok choy made up for the heaviness of the meat.

Chicken with pine nuts: An arrangement of five buns for you to stuff with chicken and pine nuts. Probably the least favorite of what we tried, only because the the finely-cut chicken was overpowered by the pine nut flavor.


Polar Delight: New Haven’s fourth froyo place is now open on Chapel St. next to Taste of China.  Like the others, Polar Delight has self-serve froyo with a toppings bar.

Open everyday from 11am-11pm

Pinkberry: You probably think we’re kidding, but a fifth froyo place will open between Starbucks and Panera on Chapel St. in October. This time you don’t get to serve yourself but fans of the holy grail of froyo will flock to what some consider the best froyo, ever. You be the jury. In October.


Maison Mathis: After ABP was shut down at the end of May, we were left wondering what would replace the popular bakery and coffee shop on Broadway. Soon enough, signs appeared advertising a new Belgian bakery that is set to open on Wednesday August 28.  We can’t wait for it to open so we can finally get our hands on everything on their tantalizing menu.  Just look at it. And pray it stays open for late night food.


As excited as we are to get back to our friends, colleges, and classes (Long-Form Food Writing, anyone?), we are most excited to get back to New Haven so we can try out these new spots. We’ll keep you posted on our food excursions, and in the meantime, try not to overdose on froyo.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back! New in New Haven

  1. Great overview!!!! I work on the fair haven side of state street and it’s so sadly barren down this way.

    Would love for you to do an article on good DELIVERY places! I can never seem to find any.

  2. Glad you ladies are on top of things back in New Haven! You need to add one thing to your list though. Tikka Way is a new Indian place on Orange by Chapel. I don’t know if the food’s any good, but I’m in love with the name. Hope it finds a place on your future trips. Thanks, and happy eating!

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