Cookie Dough Indulgence at Doughlicious

Our sweet reprieve from semester thanks to fall break got even sweeter thanks to our visit to Doughlicious, an exciting new store in New Haven which specializes in serving cookie dough desserts in a range of over 20 flavors. In line with our new policy of inviting one of our passionate readers to come along with us on our review visits, we were accompanied on this dessert visit by sweet toothed Gulminay Lone (a sophomore at Yale from Lahore, Pakistan).

Although it is new in town, having just opened in January 2019, Doughlicious is already quite popular amongst children and adults alike. You can get their cookie dough in three different sizes (mini, single, and ‘doughble’), depending on the magnitude of your craving for a sweet fix. Since the store is open until 11pm or even midnight on most days of the week, it’s the perfect solution for your late night dessert craving (orders can be placed in store, or on Snackpass, UberEats, and Grubhub.

Doughlicious’ treats are 100% edible as they use heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs in the production of their cookie dough, therefore preventing any bacterial contamination. On sunny New Haven days, you can also treat yourself to some cookie dough ice cream sandwiches or their cookie dough milkshakes. And for those who prefer warm cookies over cookie dough, you can also take the dough home to bake!

 House made ice cream sandwiches
House made ice cream sandwiches

Owned and run by a young and local entrepreneur, the store itself with the colorful chairs and pastel colors decorating the walls, reflects how fresh and dynamic Dan and Doughlicious are. After getting his degree in Business, Dan went on to combine his love for cookie dough and his passion for business. He learnt the art of cookie dough making in Texas, and now freshly produces all the cookie dough in store, constantly trying out new recipes and flavors.

Dan welcomed us with two sample boxes he prepared in advance for our tasting. The nine flavors featured the most populars like chocolate chips and cookies and cream as well as some of the newest and seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice. 

 House made ice cream sandwiches
Nine samples: Dunkaroo, Chocolate Chip, Oreo Birthday Cake, Nutella Swirl, Red Velvet, Brownie Batter, Pumpkin Spice, Reese’s, and Birthday Cake Truffle

We started with Dan’s newest creation, Dunkaroo, a famous snack from 90’s he used to love during his childhood. It was a perfect combination between the melt in the mouth cookie dough and tiny crunchy bits in it. This flavor raised the bar high for all the following ones and we are sure it will soon take its rightful place amongst the most popular offerings.

Next up was an all time favorite: chocolate chip. Despite being a classic, we can surely say this particular one by Doughlicous was the best chocolate chip cookie dough we have had yet. 

Another signature flavor that we tried was Reese’s, made with Peanut Butter Cups and Reese’s Pieces. The flavor of this dough was by far the richest and a must try for the peanut butter lovers out there! 

The Red Velvet cookie dough with white chocolate chips tasted exactly as one would expect a red velvet cupcake to be. It had the perfect amount of sweetness, which didn’t overwhelm or feel too heavy. 

Being two chocolate lovers, the Brownie Batter flavor was among our favorites. The flavor was very rich in chocolate, and almost felt like an actual brownie.

Birthday Cake Truffle

Out of the nine samples available for tasting, one stood out from  the others — this special one was a fruity pebble flavored truffle. It consisted of fruity pebble cookie dough covered in white chocolate coating with fruity pebbles sprinkled on top. The It was tiny, but delicious and sweet enough to curb your cravings. You can also get these truffles in other flavors like pumpkin spice. Dan keeps a few truffles in store always, but mostly makes them on order for events such as birthday parties.

Overall, Doughlicious was a unique and sweet escape from usual desserts like cookies and doughnuts. Make sure to pay a visit to their cute store on State Street, or order some on Snackpass, UberEats, or GrubHub to fuel your late night study/movie sessions with friends. Doughlicious could also be an exciting option to get some sweets catered to your next study break or meeting where you can surprise your guests with some different flavors of yummy cookie dough. Be on the lookout for a Doughlicious food truck in the future where you can indulge on your sweet cravings on the spot! 

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