Rise and Shine All Day at Life Bowls

co-written by guest authors Zosia Caes and Anna B Albright

photos taken and edited by editor-in-chief Alara Degirmenci

Life Bowls the quintessential modern cafe: all-wood minimalist furnishing with floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum natural light. The clean design is punctuated by funky, colorful paintings of fruits and vibrant plants. Life Bowls feels fresh – and they started as a food truck! Their crisp and diverse menu includes toasts, salad bowls, oatmeal, and even soups. Most of the menu is vegan and vegetarian, with plenty of plant-based protein, but the stars are purple acai and bright pink pitaya bowls. Life Bowls have perfected their smoothie method to achieve a thick, video-worthy texture with barely any sugary banana. If you’re on the go, any item at Life Bowls is wonderful for takeout. This is the perfect lunch spot – made-to-order, contemporary, and suited to any mood!

Beach Bum

The bright, electric-pink color of the tropical Beach Bum blend comes from dragonfruit – and is topped with flaky white coconut and pineapple. This bowl is lightly sweet and incredibly refreshing. Plus, hemp seeds at a nutty flavor and boost of protein.

Nutty Bowl

Hiding beneath a delectably crunchy granola and raw cacao nib topping is a deep, rich purple-colored acai blend. Creamy, smooth peanut butter is drizzled on to compliment the sweet, slightly tangy flavor. The generous heaping of nut butters, cacao, and granola make this a more filling option. 

North x Southwest (on the front left), Chickpea Fil-A (on the front right)

Whole grain, freshly baked bread (from G-Cafe right down the street!) is slathered in housemade hummus and sprinkled with smoky paprika. Luscious avocado and tangy marinated carrots make this toast uber-fresh. Comes with 2 slices of toast, which is more than enough for a lunch.

In a surprisingly exquisite flavor combination, avocado slices pillowed on freshly baked bread are then topped with fresh strawberries and crunchy coconut flakes – then drizzled with maple syrup. We never would have thought of this at home!

Buddha Bowl 

The Buddha Bowl is *technically* a salad, but red quinoa and soft chickpeas pack it with flavor, fiber, and protein. Avocado is a must, but it’s the sweet and sour sesame ginger vinaigrette that boost the flavor profile to the next level. If you’re looking for something balanced, filling, and fresh, we recommend trying a bowl.

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