Farm-to-Table Italian Food

Written by guest author Anna B Albright

Photos by editor-in-chief Alara Degirmenci

Looking for a mouthwatering italian food experience with local ingredients and unique and delicious flavor pairings? Head to Tarry Lodge for any food need. Salad? Pizza? Pasta? Dessert? Drinks? Each has an inspired twist on convention.

Goat Cheese Salad, Cucumber Martini

For drinks, we sampled the basil mojito and the cucumber martini. Want a fresh twist on the classic, refreshing mojito🍹? Then we recommend trying the basil mojito, which is made with basil rather than mint, honey rather than simple syrup, and fresh lime juice. Expect a fresh flavor explosion.

The cucumber martini🍸is made with smooth bar heal gin from VT, honey, cucumber, and freshly squeezed lime juice and is truly unlike any martini you’ve tried. Thus, it’s a must-get for the summertime gin lover.

The drinks are served with foccaccia. Yes. FREE BREAD.🤑 And not any free bread, it’s fresh-baked daily with extra virgin olive oil, flaky sea salt, and rosemary. Pro Tip: it’s even served during happy hour (Thursdays before 6) when drinks are only $5/each. 

fresh house-made foccaccia bread with olive oil

Then we had the local burrata from state street new haven, over a salad includes asparagus, almonds, and topped with aged balsamic (aceto), and beets

local burrata

Notice a theme? The emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. 

Then we had a fresh salad with goat cheese, asian pears, nuts. It was so clean, crunchy, delicious, and the perfect start to a meal.🥗

Next we had the eggplant parmesan: a stack of fried eggplant doused (DOUSED) in parmesan and tomato sauce that tasted as epic as it looked. 🍝

After that we tried another Tarry Lodge special, the skillet pizza with burrata, bacon, and asparagus. A perfect personal 🍕, the bottom was perfectly charred and the flavor pairing unique. If you want a pizza that departs from New Haven apizza and resembles more pizza d’italia; the pizza one might find in the corners of Rome, then this is for you. We recommend the goat cheese, honey fig flavor for a tantalizing balance of sweet and savory. 

Our final savory dish may be the most iconic of all: the black fettuccine with spicy chorizo, large shrimp. The black color is natural from squid ink and makes this dish unique. If we recommend one item above any other on the menu, it is this one. Trust us. We’ve tried many dishes in our careers as food reviewers and this is easily one of the all-time highlights 🤤.

Black Fettucine

Then dessert. Oh dessert, how we ♥️ you. Our opinion is that anyone who skips dessert is doing life wrong.


The first we tried was tiramisu, a classic dish but this time with a Tarry twist. It was a blanked, not-too-sweet taste brushed (not drenched) in espresso. We’d never pass up a tiramisu, and Tarry certainly did it well.

Finally, the other highlight, a surprise indeed: a vanilla and chocolate soft serve elevated with olive oil and sea salt. DO NOT miss this one, we implore you 👺.

Pro tip: Check out their happy hour! 🏃🏼‍♀️ $5 high-end drinks and much more on Thursdays 4-6pm.

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