Modern Plates and Craft Cocktails from India

The first thing one can notice upon opening Sherkaan’s menu is the variety of ingredients and the careful selection of flavors in each of their dishes. Before experiencing Sherkaan’s untraditional menu, some people’s perception of Indian food can be limited to some version of rice and lentils. Sherkaan artfully shows its customers, however, that Indian food can be exciting, experimental and can combine flavors that one would never imagine going well together. 

Sherkaan is known around campus for its amazing selection of cocktails. As a big fan of Aperol Spritz, we ordered their version of the drink – the Street Spritz. We were first struck by its captivating bright orange color. Upon tasting, we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was just the right amount of sweet. Sherkaan’s addition of gin and some citrus flavor perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the apéritif. 

The first sip of Sherkaan’s Mandovi Express Root cocktail drenched the thirst brought by the warm weather. It was the perfect combination of bare bon and sweet honey liqueur together with the refreshing scents of herbs, spiced ginger beer, and lemon entertaining our senses. If you are a fan of drinks that are sweet, but not TOO sweet, a little herby, but not TOO herby, this is the perfect drink for you!

The first dish to arrive was the dahi puri – chickpeas, aloo and onion covered in sweet yogurt and served in a crispy purwe shell. It already sounds so good, but wait until you take a bite of this heavenly treat. Holding it, it looks so fragile from the outside, but once eaten, yare  mouth is filled with a bomb of tastes: the freshness from the sweet yogurt, the tamarind chutneys, the onion, the aloo… all of these combined together created a texture that cannot be found anywhere else! We were soon served the chile chicken – marinated chicken thigh dipped in savory garlic-chili sauce. Sherkaan had already struck me as a place of spicy food, so having a chaat that explicitly states it is spicy in its name got me concerned about whether we can handle it. As we were previously informed by our wonderful waitress, the chiliness was just enough to add a little sweetness to the garlic sauce and make the chicken even more smooth and flavorful. 

Dahi Puri
Chili Chicken

We never thought of the combination of Indian Street Cuisine with pizza, but the Oye Makhna might have just done the magic. Having the butter sauce as the main sauce, with hints of cilantro, yogurt drizzles, and tandoorwe chicken, the large and filling dish is perfect to share with friends and family! Looking at it, we already thought it couldn’t get better until we actually took a bite. The bread was baked perfectly as well, all the way to the crust—the bread and butter chicken combo was flawless! 

Just as we were complaining about how full and satisfied we feel already, we decided to order another dish, because everything so far was way too good. We finished off the night with the Samosa Chaat – punjabi samosas filled with savory chickpea and vegetable curry and of care se, covered with yogurt on top. We thought there was no more space in both our bellies for any more food but these heavenly tasting samosas made us suddenly forget how full we felt before. It was the perfect end to a night of exploration, pleasant taste surprises and unimaginable food combinations. The vibrant atmosphere on the patio, the nice staff and the extremely enjoyable overall experience prompted us to keep talking and talking until we realized we’ve been there for hours  and it’s time to go. We are not saying goodbye though, but only “until next time”. 

Samosa Chaat

Pro-tip: Check out their happy hour every Monday-Friday 4- 6:30 pm for drink & food specials as Golden hour perfectly lightens up the patio!

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