About Chew Haven

It’s September. School is back in session, and so is Chew Haven. Sadly, this year we’re forced to say goodbye to our beloved veteran seniors. Alexus, Stephanie, & Corine have passed the Chew Haven torch to us: two Yalies who love to eat. We are thrilled to be running Chew Haven for the next few years, and have a ton of exciting ideas in store. Interested in finding the best happy hours? Tastiest Pad Thai? Coffee spots? Food trucks? So are we. But before we kick off this tasty new year, we wanted to introduce ourselves, the next generation of Chew Haven: Alara Degirmenci and Omar Chishti!

Alara is a Computing and the Arts major hailing from Istanbul, Turkey and has been in the food blogging world for the past few years (though with her friends as her only readers). She loves trying out different authentic world cuisines and will drop everything to discuss which ice cream shop is the best in New Haven.

Omar is a Biomedical Engineering major from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He likes to joke that he’s been training to be a food critic since he was born, because he was an infamously picky eater as a child. He is especially partial to spicy food and decadent desserts, but is always excited to try new things!

Your favorite foodies,

Alara & Omar

So that’s who we are! What about you? What are you interested in seeing from Chew Haven this year? Follow us on Instagram @chewhaven, like us on Facebook, or drop us an email at chewhavenyale@gmail.com and let us know!

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